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 "Augusta Gross is a fine composer in the contemporary American style and is featured in five tracks. Memorable is her polyphonic writing in 'Reflections on Air' which is intricately captured by Levingston’s gentle performance." - The Whole Note (on Still Sound cd)

"Erik Satie is the connecting link...Augusta Gross's 'Dance of the Spirits'...could be the long-lost Gnossienne #7." - Lucid Culture

The more modern, original works (including Gross’s 'Coming Home') are sure to be a delight to clarinetists looking to play something new. (International Clarinet Association, review of Full Circle, 2018)

“Augusta Gross’s 'Toward Night' is a gorgeous solo piano piece that felt like an incredibly gentle lullaby remixed with the complexity and harmonic inventiveness of a Brahms intermezzo” - I Care If You Listen (review of Premiere Commission Concert with pianist Bruce Levingston, February 2012) 

Citizen, an intriguing CD just released, features world
premiere recordings of music by Augusta Gross, whose 'Locations in Time' inhabits emotionally charged changes in dynamics. Gross’s quietly powerful music is achingly resigned in its sadness" Rafael’s

"I have fallen in love with a piano triptych entitled 'Locations in Time', composed by Augusta Gross. Its central 'Elegy' movement seems simple on the surface, yet the way she generates tension and contours the lines against one another is very subtle." - Classical Network and WWFM

"The album concludes with three more short works by Augusta Gross, of which 'Reflections on Air' is my favorite - imagine a homage to Bach written by Debussy, though the piece is more creatively, originally shaped than any such comparison can suggest."  - MusicWeb International (on Still Sound cd)

'Locations in Time'…brings forth some of the recording’s most delicate playing. In its concise movements, (Gross) merges the refined elegance of classical music with the soulful humanity of jazz. ( review of Citizen, 2019).

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