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'Coming Home', clarinetist Seunghee Lee and pianist Katrina Gisling, featured on album Full Circle, 2018. Debuted Seunghee Lee, Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall, December 2017.

'Locations in Time', pianist Bruce Levingston, featured on album Citizen, January 2019, SONO LUMINUS.

'Toward Night' played by pianist Chris Oldfather, presented by American Composers Orchestra’s Chamber Music Concert, September 2021. 

Interview with Melissa Ngan in Composer Spotlights Blog, American Composers Orchestra, September 2021.


A/Musing/s, a collection of drawings, published September 2022.

Premiere Commission Anniversary Concert, January 12, 2012.​ 

Bruce Levingston premiered 'Toward Night', which the New York Times described as "a jazz-tinged work in which bluesy figures lurk beneath chromatic surfaces."

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